The Wacky Science Show

More than just whiz, bang, poof and pop, the school show focuses on science with everyday objects and makes the Scientific Method easy to understand!

Age Range

Science-Focused School Show

More than just whiz, bang, poof and pop, The Wacky Science Show puts science in the hands of more than a dozen onstage volunteers. In this school Assembly with a focus on science with everyday objects, Dr. Science makes the Scientific Method easy to understand. This is the only show to ever win Dow Chemical's Touch-Tech Award for excellence in hands-on science education!

And while the students cheer the crazy antics, the teachers love these lessons: The Scientific Method | Physical, Mathematical & Life Sciences | Air Pressure | Acid/Base Indicators | Levers & Simple Machines | Everyday Science | Stinky Dinosaurs | Liquids, Solids, Gases | Science Safety | Bernoulli’s Principle | Chemical Reactions. Additional Topics for Middle School: Centripal & Centrifugal Forces | Kinetic & Potential Energy | Inertia | Connections between Science & Technology | Use of Chemicals in Gathering Evidence. 

Kooky?            Yup.
Nutty?              A lot.
Educational?    Yeah, it's that too!

But The Wacky Science Show is also a nationally ranked, no holds barred, laugh riot that makes science easy to understand. More than a dozen students participate on stage in wacky and off-the-wall, hands-on lessons while discovering that simple household items can be used to perform quirky & crazy science experiments. Loads of surprises, comedy & goofy sound effects combine in this perfect complement to learning The Scientific Method.

The Wacky Science Show is guaranteed to "bring the funny" and be one of the best elementary based science shows your students will ever see!

*Presenter/Backdrop/Props may vary depending on your location.

  • We really enjoyed the show! The presenter did a good job. The kids were laughing the whole time! I would like to thank you for helping me on the cost of the show. It was truly an answered prayer, since I had to raise the money myself. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!
    Paula Weston - Teacher
    North Harrison ES
    Ramsey, IN

  • Awesome job!  We had 2 assemblies (grades K-2 and then grades 3-5) and in both age groups the kids were engaged and entertained.  His program was educational about the types of sciences and the scientific process.  The students enjoyed the experiments and there were lots of laughs!
    Angela Kennedy - PTA 
    Tuckahoe ES
    Richmond, VA

  • The greatest observation made by my teachers and I was that the children in the audience were learning about Science without even knowing it, because they were having so much fun!
    Carl Boburka - Principal
    Immanuel Lutheran School
    Riverside, CA

  • On the day that you entertained us, we had children ranging in age from pre-school through 6th grade. There was something for everyone. This show was most entertaining and the children loved it.  
    Mrs. Valerie Walsh 
    St. Rose of Lima School
    Threshold, NJ

  • Tim was able to captivate both students and adults and kept us laughing and engaged throughout the entire performance. He was very prepared and professional and was an excellent addition to our science fair. We would highly recommend him to any school and will hire him again in the future. Thank you so much Tim, you are one talented scientist and performer.
    Erika Chapa - Director of Educational Technology & Admissions
    Marin Preparatory School
    San Francisco, CA

  • ALL the kids and TEACHERS loved him!!!! One teacher even said it was the best science show she ever saw! He explained everything in a very clear way for all ages, made them lough and be engaged the whole time!!! 
    Limor Kovar - PTA
    EH Bryan School
    Cresskill, NJ 

  • Ken Scott was phenomenal! He had our students in the palm of his hand! They were entertained, and they learned science! His crowd management skills were among the best I'd ever seen! We would love to have him back at our school again next year! Wow!
    Debbie Parks - Principal
    Stowers ES
    Fort Benning, GA

  • Our audience were children from ages 2 through adults. The children were very attentive and really enjoyed the show. Tim Mannix was very entertaining even for the adults.
    Charlotte Ferree - Executive Assistant
    San Carlos, CA

  • Great variety of science demos and audience participation! Both kids and teachers loved it!
    Whitney McCann - Teacher
    Ferndale Early Education Center
    Glen Burnie, MD

  • This was a great assembly! It was educational, engaging and entertaining. Tim was a pleasure to work with! He brought everything he needed to the show and was very friendly. He was great with the kids. You can tell he was very experienced. The students had a great assembly. Thank you!
    Mary Carroll - PTA
    Golden View ES
    San Ramon, CA

  • Dr. Science put on two wonderful shows. The kids were totally engaged and interacted throughout. Very high energy! I would totally recommend this show to other schools.
    Brenda Ringer - Guidance Counselor
    Shoemaker School
    Macungie, PA

  • I received a lot of positive feedback from the school faculty, as well as my kindergartener and third grader. Both loved the cup on the triangle and fire balloon experiments. They were excited to tell me all about it when they got home from school. Thank you for a wonderful show!
    Melissa Gutierrez - Assembly Coordinator
    Uwchlan Hills ES
    Downingtown, PA

  • The presenter was excellent. He engaged both students and adults equally, was very professional, and even interacted with our community before his show while we had our dinner time.
    Sarah Kimmell - Principal
    Sam Boardman ES
    Boardman, OR

  • Great academic information and entertaining!
    Cassandra Sotelo - Vice Principal
    Borchardt ES
    Stockton, CA

  • This was our first experience with Academic Entertainment and we all loved it! Dr Science was a huge hit with the kids & teachers. He was funny, entertaining & informative. Such a great educational show that the kids were able to enjoy! It was a fantastic way to kick off our Catholic Schools Week & Celebrate Student Appreciation. Thank you to everyone!
    Lisa Landano - HAA
    St. Athanasius Catholic Academy
    Brooklyn, NY

  • Our scientist was so much fun to listen to and watch. He genuinely loved to work with kids. I am definitely spreading the word about his show. Thanks!
    Michelle Well - Supt./Principal
    Anne Carlsen Center
    Jamestown, ND

  • Oh, the show was great and the kids loved it!
    Lori Rowden - PTO
    Hunter ES
    Franklin, OH

  • Presenter was on time, self sufficient in setting up, engaging, and aware of the audience. We had two groups of kids ranging from Pre-K-3 through 8th grade, and everyone had a great time. It was interactive and interesting, and parents told me their children came home talking about the show! Thank you!
    Cheryl Mango - Assembly Coordinator
    St. Joseph's School - Yorkville
    New York, NY 

  • He does a great job of entertaining the students and making science fun for them. They laughed the whole show!
    Catherine Pamer - Supervisor
    MCOE After School Program
    Merced, CA

  • Thank you greatly for taking the time and coming out to perform and entertain our elementary kids. It was amazingly fun and "wacky"! We greatly enjoyed you letting the kids get involved, and be able to interact with the performance. The children sincerely loved it. You could say it's the "talk of the week." Thank you for working with our honor society to set this up. Love to speak with you again about coming out next year.  
    Hayley Hawkins - Honors Society
    Wilson Creek School
    Wilson Creek, WA

  • The Wacky Science Show school assembly was AWESOME! Doug was so entertaining, the kids were enthralled, and the teachers were so impressed. Great job!
    Sara Cinotti - PTO Secretary
    St. Timothy Catholic School
    Chantilly, VA

  • The presenter did an excellent job of keeping our students engaged!
    Joanne Dupl - Secretary
    Coyle Ave ES
    Carmichael, CA