Got Character?

A great "Character Counts" program that encourages students to: do the best they can, think positively, have goals and perseverance, eat healthy and exercise, and be kind to others.

Age Range

Eric Herman's musical assemblies are bursting with comedy, creativity, interactive songs, and non-stop participation. His teaching philosophy is once students start listening, they start learning! Got Character? is a musical and character building assembly that allows students to be themselves and be proud of that person.

With Eric's style of humor and his ability to convey important concepts in powerful and entertaining ways, students are able to learn easily and quickly. Students begin singing along with Cool Tunes for Kids in moments! Without realizing it, they learn about creative thinking and living a positive and healthy life!

Choose one of two programs:

Got Character? is a terrific musical and motivational program. Eric begins with the familiar idea, "you are what you eat", and later shows how we also are what we do, say and think. Eric’s message is we are what we choose, and he encourages students to: do the best they can, think positively, have goals and perseverance, eat healthy and exercise, and be kind to others.Got Character? is a great "Character Counts" program, and includes many aspects of living well, including: good health, bravery, responsibility, treating others with respect, and using your time wisely.ways to save energy at home. Students will be encouraged to Use Less Water, Change the Thermostat, Plant a Tree and even simpler things like how playing outside instead of video games saves LOTS of energy!

THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX includes many fun songs, interactive segments, puzzles and trick questions that encourage students to think and discover ideas in new ways. Eric teaches creative thinking and problem solving concepts such as brainstorming, expecting the unexpected, perseverance, asking "What if...?" and the idea that there is more than one way to skin a potato (no potatoes will be harmed during this program). Children have different interests and aptitudes, and this program helps them to use their own inspiration and creativity in whatever ways they choose to or need to throughout their lives.


"Sun and Moon" in Life as We Know It film. Eric's song, "The Tale of the Sun and the Moon" is featured in the Warner Bros. movie,Life as We Know It. Parts of the song were sung by the lead actress, Katherine Heigl.

"The Elephant Song" covered on Xuxa's new DVD/CD. A new version of "The Elephant Song", performed by the singing duo, Victor and Leo, will be on the new DVD/CD by Brazilian superstar Xuxa. A very brief clip of it can be heard on this commercial for the DVD.

The Today Show. Apparently, they were "Crazy Over Vegetables" on The Today Show. Here's a link to the clip.

  • Eric was a very engaging presenter! He had many ways for the students to become involved in his presentation and they all had a great time.  In addition to his great engagement, his message was very powerful.  In the time after the presentation students and teachers have used his message of "You are what you say/do/eat/choose/act" to help modify undesired behaviors.  Thank you for coming to our school!
    Sarah McCann - Teacher
    Phelps Luck ES
    Columbia, MD

  • This show was AMAZING!!!! Eric Herman is one of the most talented entertainers i have ever seen. The students (grades K-6) were engaged and involved throughout the entire performance. Eric was professional and a joy to work with.
    Nikole Kepins
    Shandon YMCA
    Shandon, CA

  • WOW! What a great show. Eric Herman has a good message and presents it in such a fun way. Every student was engaged and involved throughout the assembly. The K-6 teachers were very pleased with this assembly and many mentioned it was one of the finest assemblies they had ever seen!! Thanks Eric! 
    Dr. Karen Brock, Principal
    Lincoln Elementary School
    Mount Vernon, WA

  • The students and teachers really enjoyed the show. Especially the upper grades. The students remembered “If you don’t have something nice to say, then say something crazy or nothing at all.” He got the kids up moving and it worked out great!
    Cindy Gentry - Learning Director
    Sheehy ES
    Merced, CA

  • Eric did a great job. Our students and staff enjoyed the show and his message around character was very well done.
    Travis Howell - Principal
    Jennings ES
    Colfax, WA

  • 5 out of 5 for the Got Character? School Assembly!
    Marilyn Alesi - Principal
    PS 129
    College Point, NY

  • The presenter, Eric Herman, was very talented and engaging! He creatively kept the attention of the students while emphasizing critical messages! What a fun show!
    Sandy Gould - Principal
    Eagle Rock ES
    Eagle Rock, VA