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Fine arts enhances a student’s education and Band for Today is your Outsource solution for music education!  Band and Piano programs including in-school music and piano lessons, recitals and concerts. Even instrument rentals if you need. Plus, you may start and enroll at any time during the school year!

Band For Today brings a full range of music education services including group band lessons, piano music lessons, and instrument rentals directly to your school! All the school needs to provide is the in-school time and space. Band for Today is a simple program to start and implement which will enhance your school’s fine arts curriculum and provide an additional option for extracurricular activities; in most cases with no cost to the school(demonstration assembly excluded)

For almost 35 years, Band For Today has provided schools with instrumental music programs, and band and piano lessons taught by professional, caring, dedicated teachers. Their certified and degreed teachers have instructed more than 25,000 students in the fine arts.

  • Fund with a fee-based system to parents or fund by the school
  • Improve reading, math and IQ scores
  • Lessons, recitals and concerts
  • Start any time of the year!
  • Keyboards provided to the school at no cost


Band For Today provides group piano and band lessons to students. Your school is sharing a traveling a music teacher giving Band For Today the ability to hire full time, degreed music educators. Teachers will come to your school weekly for half hour small group lessons. Band for Today can accommodate schools with any number of students.

Band For Today

"When researchers analyzed 25,000 students over a ten-year period, they discovered that students who were involved in music scored higher on standardized tests and reading tests than students not taking music courses."  - Dr. James Catterall, UCLA, 1997

Band For Today

Group Band Lessons

The Band Program, for fourth grade and older, consists of weekly group lessons, concerts and recitals. Group band lessons are taught using “Sound Innovations”. This method book comes with a DVD giving the student a visual guide to help in the early stages of development. This book also comes with a Play along CD. Using this CD to practice with will enable a student to improve aspects of their playing such as rhythm, pitch, range, and overall musicianship. Plus, it’s just fun to play along with a band at home. As students progress, music (full band arrangements) is added to further the development and to prepare for performances.

Concert band is made up of intermediate and advanced students. More emphasis is put on ensemble playing, and a wide variety of band arrangements are used to achieve a higher level of musicianship. 


Parents may rent band instruments online from Band For Today. This is a convenient, easy way for parents to acquire an instrument for their child. Free delivery, free repairs and a rent to own policy are all included!

Band For Today

Group Piano Lessons

Parents love to see their child take piano lessons, and the group piano program is a positive and fun approach to the first steps of learning to play the piano.  Band For Today offers a self-contained piano course for your younger kindergarten through third grade students using a fun method book called Music for Little Mozarts.

All keyboard are provided to the school at no cost. Teachers bring keyboards to the school weekly, and this is a great compliment to the band program. Taking piano lessons gets students into music earlier learning rhythms, pitches, note reading and music theory.  It also helps band recruiting if they decide to continue their music education through the concert band when they get older.

Schools may also choose piano lessons separately as a single stand alone program.

"The arts are recognized as a core subject in the Goals 2000: Educate America Act approved by both houses of Congress in 1994."- National Education Goals Panel

For Parents

Band for Today teachers create a positive, upbeat, and creative environment for students. Awards programs, certificates, prizes, are all included, along with the latest method books. Parents are provided with reports twice per year, and the Band for Today electronic newsletter keeps them up to date on everything happening in the music program. 

Parents often remark Music Education overall improves their students’ grades, helps them make friends, and gives them a lifelong appreciation for learning and music.  Students are able to take responsibility for their own improvement as musicians, and as members of society.


Band For Today

School Concerts

Students perform at up to two every year. The
ir first concert is in December and features a variety of music selections from the student’s repertoire. This is also the first concert for the beginning band students. It is amazing to see what students accomplish in just a few short months!

Their second concert is at the end of the school year. This concert features full band arrangements as well as special features for trios, duets and soloists. Each concert provides a showcase of what students have learned in their band lessons and makes an enjoyable evening for family and friends!


Recruiting students for group band lessons is at the heart of a successful program.  Band for Today recruits students for the band program at your school in three parts:  Demonstration, instrument matching, and an online parent sign up.

1. Instrument Demonstration
For the demonstration assembly event, Band for Today teachers perform live on woodwinds, brass, and percussion instruments for students in an assembly-style format. This demonstration is designed to give students an overview of the band program and a detailed view of the possible instruments available for them to play. Each instrument is assembled, and demonstrated to all students in a group setting. For each instrument, teachers discuss assembly, the production of sound, size and then play the instruments live. Students are informed that they will each get a chance to try two instruments of their choice. By demonstrating first, students can make a better decision on instruments picked for trying. After the demonstration, they now know what a particular instrument sounds like, how it is assembled, how big it is and what it takes to produce a sound.  Students are also sent home with great informational resources for their parents. Students are very excited to have a chance to try to play the instruments for themselves in the next day or two.

2. Instrument Matching
After the live demonstration when Band for Today educators return for the instrument matching day, students are given a choice of several instruments to try. Each student gets a chance to test their talents on a woodwind, a brass, and a percussion instrument.  Band directors work with each student to help facilitate the testing process. The teachers assist in matching students with the instrument(s) that are most right and have the best personal fit for each student. The goal is for a student to produce a quality sound on an instrument in hopes of students choosing an instrument that fits their physical characteristics along with the teacher's recommendation. It's important for the student to choose the instrument that feels good for them.

Band For Today

3. Online Parent Sign-Up and Registration
Parents may then sign up their student online for Band for Today group band and piano lessons, and even the option of instrument rentals, simply and seamlessly.  Throughout the recruiting process, flyers and letters are sent home with each child giving parents information they need regarding the program. 


There are different options to fund your program:

Fee-Based to Parents: This option allows your program to be totally free to your school budget for as long as you like. (excluding demonstration assembly) Parents pay a reasonable monthly lesson cost, and pay for monthly instrument rentals only if they choose.

Self-Funded: Schools can choose to provide any portion of funding for which they feel comfortable. These options can include the school budget, grants, PTO’s, etc.

Band For Today has the flexibility to structure the right program for your school, and can customize your music education program in any way you choose to fit your needs.  Request more information or call to learn more and receive a complete package of informational materials. 

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